Scratched Cornea

There are several reasons and causes which can result in the condition of scratched cornea. Any kind of foreign body, when rubbed vigorously, can result in a corneal scratch. Apart from that, dry cornea makes your eyes susceptible to abrasion and some kind of eye infections can also lead to this condition. The most common step that is advised by doctors is to include a regular eye drop routine in your life and use it occasionally. This would give you a better eye health and would keep you away from many infections. Further, if you feel that you have a scratched cornea, or there is some foreign body stuck which is causing discomfort, make sure that you do not rub the eye. Blink a couple of times to aid the eye in taking the foreign body out, chances are that it will come out with the help of tears. Rinsing the eye gently can also be quite helpful as it would assist in taking out the foreign body easily.

A corneal abrasion can occur for several different reasons, some of which you have no control over. This can be when something enters your eye like a piece of nature like a tree limb to a fingernail to even a small fragment of cigarette ash that all can cause severe pain. Rubbing your eyes and the use of contact lenses can also cause an abrasion to form.


Corneal abrasion treatment utilizes a couple of steps and all these steps are quite important. The inclusion of an antibiotic eye drop is one of the most important steps as it would protect your eye from the many infections which might attack at this time. All these treatment options would take care of all the symptoms and would give you relief from the condition.

The doctor would advise you an antibiotic eye drop which would help in early healing of the corneal scratch. These eye drops for the treatment are extremely essential and can help it to heal, while reducing the chance of any kind of infection.