Mirena IUD

I had my first IUD inserted about 6 years ago. A Dr. in training put it in and it was very painful. After a week or two I was having major stomach pains and Mirena cramping. I went to see my family Dr. who told me my IUD was gone that it had fallen out. So I made an appointment to see my Gyno and had to wait about a month to get in. During this time I had awful pains that would come and go. I couldn’t exercise and sex was out of the question. Anyways they found out that my IUD had gone MIA and had perforated. It was floating in my abdomen. So I had surgery for them to take it out. After I healed I had my Dr. put in a new IUD. I know I must be crazy right? Well there is risk with any kind of meds or surgery. So that IUD didn’t hurt a bit on insertion and I have lived happily with no problems and no period for the last five years. I have had no weight gain, moodiness, headaches or other side effects that aren’t from my own doing. So that IUD was just removed last week and a new one put in. Insertion hurt, and I’ve been having headaches, cramps and other pains since. Here we go again. I hope not!! I’ll let you know.