Is Lipozene The REAL DEAL or A Scam

When it comes to losing weight, many people find themselves becoming desperate. After several unsuccessful attempts to drop extra pounds just by eating healthy and following an exercise plan, many people are willing to try anything and everything that promises a loss of body fat. Among the top products that people try in desperation to lose weight are diet pills. While some of these pills come with false or exaggerated claims, others actually do aid in losing weight; however, sometimes the safety of the product ingredients can be questionable. Does Lipozene really work or is it a scam?

Lipozene, on the other hand, is one weight loss supplement that does not come with the worry of ingredient safety. Glucomannan is the main ingredient in this diet pill and it is naturally found in the Konjac root. If you do not live in a tropical or subtropical climate such as in areas of Japan, India or China, you probably have no idea what the Konjac root is. Well, the corm of this plant is used to make flour or jelly and actually has very little taste. It can also be used in making noodles. As it turns out, konjac contains very few calories and is high in fiber, which is why it is often used as a diet food.

In the making of Lipozene, glucomannan (a water soluble polysaccharide) is extracted from the konjac root. Along with the extraction, comes a wealth of dietary fiber. This fiber is what makes Lipozene work as a weight loss aid. When you take capsules of this product, the fiber contained within it is digested and gives your stomach a feeling of being full. When you take these pills thirty minutes before you plan to eat a meal, you will be able to cut your caloric intake because your stomach will already be slightly full.

The Obesity Research Institute has performed studies and has clinically proven that Lipozene does indeed help users to burn fat. Results may vary, however, among different individuals. It is also important to realize that the pill is not a magical fat burner and results will not be seen overnight. Three different dosages are recommended for this product and should be chosen based on how much weight your need to lose. You can choose to take one pill twice a day, two pills twice a day or a maximum of three pills twice a day. It is also important to note that a full glass of water should be taken with each dose.

Because the ingredient of this diet pill is extracted from a natural plant, lipozene side effects are rare. It is important to note, however, that if your diet lacks in fiber before you start taking this supplement, you may feel slightly uncomfortable until your body adjusts to the added fiber. Side effects of adding fiber to your diet are usually temporary and may include things such as gas, bloating and frequent bowel movements. Because of this, you should make an effort to speak to a trusted doctor before you start taking any diet pill. If your current diet does not include fiber at all, you may want to start with the lowest dosing instructions and work your way up so that your body can adjust to the nutrients slowly.

If you look at reviews before you try products, you will likely see a lot of mixed Lipozene reviews. While some people report great success in their ability to lose weight with this pill; others report negative comments. You should consider both ends of the spectrum and not completely disregard comments; however, you should also realize that some of the negative reviews are coming from people with unrealistic expectations. Rest assured because the company that produces Lipozene is so confident in their product that they will give your money back if you are not completely satisfied. It turns out that Lipozene is the real deal and not just another scam.