How to Fight Off and Prevent Gray Hair Using Different Sources of Vitamins

Strawberries, Pineapple, Kiwi, and More

Have you noticed lately you have more gray hairs on your head then you did a few months ago? Why are you getting more them all of a sudden? Believe it or not, it is heredity but can also be caused by many different health conditions, one being the thyroid.

For the past two years I have been dealing with a overactive thyroid and a whole lot of gray hairs coming in the front of my head. The grays are not that noticeable to others, but being a beautician, I can see them in the dark.

I noticed after a year or so of being diagnosed the grays started to come in, but I didn’t think anything of it. I thought it was just from stress or getting older. My doctor advised me that the thyroid condition is causing this type of hair to come in sooner than expected.

With knowing all about this condition, and researching about my thyroid condition, I came up with a few solutions that helped the hairs remain the same, and prevent other gray hair from coming in. Well, as long as it stays that way anyway.

I learned how to fight off gray hair by using different vitamin sources such as fresh strawberries, potatoes, turkey, kiwi, pineapple, vitamin C, vitamin B-6, and Biotin weekly. At first I only used these supplements like every other day. Then once I started to notice a difference with the gray hair not coming in, I up it to every day.

One day I would have the strawberries in the morning, potatoes at dinner along with a vitamin C tablet and a straight biotin tablet. Then each day I would alternate with the fruits. But make sure to take the vitamin C and Biotin every day.

Biotin is a excellent source for anyone losing hair due to stress, pre-mature balding, pregnancy, thyroid condition, or wanting their hair to grow longer and gain strength, read this article for details. Having a thyroid condition will also make you lose clumps of hair at times. Using the biotin and vitamin sources mentioned above it will also help prevent their loss.

Other ways of preventing this condition are using Melancor twice a day, Listerine mixed with shampoo, eating a well balanced diet, less stress, wheat grass, and of course the easiest solution, which is to color the gray hairs once they come in.