Foods You Should Not Eat After Having Tonsils Out

After having the tonsils surgery, many people assume that ice cream is the food of choice. Contrary to popular belief, dairy products are not necessarily a good idea. Rough or spicy foods are definitely out of the question. When wondering which foods to avoid after having the tonsils out, consider this surprising info. Read on to find out more, and eliminate what you cannot eat before deciding what you can.

Do Not Eat Dairy Foods Right Away

Dairy products can produce excess phlegm, and vomiting is a common occurrence with some people in the first twenty-four hours after the tonsils surgery. Excess phlegm can interfere with swallowing, and it can induce nausea which in turn can cause vomiting. Contrary to popular belief, ice cream should not be eaten shortly after having tonsils taken out. Wait at least two days after surgery before indulging in ice cream or other products, and make sure it does not contain nuts, cookies or other potentially rough ingredients that could irritate the throat.

Do Not Eat Spices and Hard Foods

Spicy food can and probably will irritate the throat after having surgery. Choose soft bland foods instead of anything spicy or hard. Besides spicy foods, do not eat chips, pretzels, toast, pizza, crunchy cereals or anything else that is not soft and mild. Spicy foods are irritating, but hard foods could cause irritation and bleeding.

Unfortunately it can take up to two weeks to be able to eat these types of foods. The scabs where the tonsils once were will fall off between the fifth and seventh day after surgery, and the throat might be just as sore as it was when the tonsils were first removed. This will pass as the tissue continues to heal, but it might be necessary to go back to eating popsicles for the day.

Do Not Eat Peanut Butter or Other Sticky Food

When wondering which foods to avoid after having a surgery, do not eat peanut butter or other very thick or sticky food stuff. Peanut butter could become stuck in the throat, and bread acts as a sponge. It is best to keep the throat moist, and as previously mentioned, only soft bland foods are a good idea shortly after the time of tonsils out.

This leads a person to wonder what foodstuff they can eat after the tonsils surgery. Stick to unseasoned scrambled egg, gelatin, non-dairy pudding, applesauce and macaroni and cheese for the first few days. Eventually the pain and limitations will be nothing more than a bad distant memory.