Tools of Energy Measurement – Technologies of Social Progress

The European Union has embarked upon the discovery of new tools and technologies for determining progress, wealth and growth in nations. Current measurement of GDP alone is highly focused upon economic factors. However, as most energy producers and energy efficiency industries know, environmental factors and non-economic indicators are considerable contributors toward progress and growth.

The idea is not new, many people have thought about this for quite some time. However, bringing it to action has been a sticking point that has avoided the pursuit of this information more diligently and the development of tools and technologies for assessing efficiency and progress.

The so called ‘new approach‘ has direct implications for many energy producers and energy products, since, they can be further assessed for non-tangible contributions to society, some of which, are often over-looked.

The process of developing energy includes the development of technologies and processes throughout the planning stages that contribute toward an understanding of regional water tables, climates, geology, distribution factors and a host of other information. Some of this information is held in a proprietary sense, however, cases can be made for the contributions of certain types of energy related information to regional policy and understanding. Many of these avenues have not often been explored, but identify valuable contributions toward wider regional development and policy making.

Urban Outfitters for Kids’ Rooms

Is it just me, or is Urban Outfitters THE place to get cool stuff for kids’ rooms?

I’m not sure if it’s that kids are getting savvier or young adults more childlike – possibly the latter given the huge wave of twenty-somethings moving back home after university. Though maybe the economy is the culprit for that. I dunno – but the URBN aesthetic really rocks in a youngish kids’ room, especially one like The Little Nutball’s seeing as how she’s digging the whole birds/skulls/pink/pretty flowers frequency.

I’ve always loved their style, but in university couldn’t afford it. I was in school right at the height of grunge, perhaps the last hurrah of stylishly DIY truly budget living. We had the whole bricks-and-wood-bookcase look happening, plus a hand-me-down velour sofa with wood trim. A crazy neo-Baroque hand-me-down coffee table, a system of pulleys and milk crates holding office supplies in our “study.” Everything is a lot cleaner looking now, and DIY doesn’t look all that DIY-y. Today’s DIY looks like Sir Terence Conran popped by and DIY-ed it for you in between opening Habitat shops. And hand-me-downs don’t have that new-again URBN rec room look: they’re just skanky old Structube futon sofa beds.

I would have painted a table like this myself. Now I don’t have the time. Actually no, now I don’t have the tolerance for my lack of painting talent. This baby’s only $US32, maybe a few bucks more Canadian in-store.

Sure, I’d put it in my bedroom as a bedside table, but my bedroom looks like a hurricane tore through it. Better in hers: it’s neat because she doesn’t sleep there, she sleeps with us. Still.